Big thanks to Angelo (and all of you!)

pink puma

Hey guys,

First of all, i would like to thank you all for the extremely sweet birthday wishes. I feel honoured to a be a part of this site and to have made so many special friends. Your wishes brought a smile to my face and im glad to be a part of this family. you're all really sweet people with loving hearts, and may Babaji bless each and every one of you. Special thanks to Hartej and Mani for the threads they made, that was really cute of you guys.

naale see pix below, its my bday cake and some yummy things that mummy made

Secondly, i want to especially thank the sweetest friend i have made here, Angelo aka Navroop. I am so glad that we met and I know we will always be friends. I admire everything about you, your wisdom, intelligence, your values, your character, your strength, you surely have a way of inspiring people doll, and i will always look up to you as the elder sister i never had.

Today, i got a package in the mail from Angelo, even though i said not to send me anythinggggggg :gig hehehe see how loving she is. And here are some pictures of what she sent me (see below) it was just so sweet i had to share the pics with you guys...

thank you so much sweetie for all the karach you did in my bday present, your so sweet, when i my dad bought the package in i was just like omg! and i opened it and i loved the cookies you sent me, and the calandar was just so cute, i love cats too. and i also loved the gap lotion and scent, it smells amazing. thank you again you really are a sweetheart, but dont think your going to get away with this easily missie! im going to get you back :mean

and i cant wait to meet you some day. perhaps if im studying close to the border next yr we will meet up. i really dont know where i will be going for uni but either way i would love to see you :hug

Thanks again everyone, you guys are the best

Love always,
Navi (aka pums)


Done Deal !
omg pums can i come over ? please, for that yummy cake, samosas, chick peas, and all the yummy stuff ur mummy made for u, i been longing for mom's food so badly, and here i see yummy yummy things made by mummy, i so wanna eat them.

And u just made me blush, you are so sweeet and kamli at the same time, like sachi u didnt have to show it to everyone...:hug

and thanks for all those words, i wish i was all that, rather i see all that in you. And honestly speaking, if i ever had a sister, i wish it was you, and i am glad i found you. I love u my baby darling. Muaaaaaaah

And i wish u get in at the best law school out there, be it here somewhere near the border, or be it oxford, wherever u will be i will come see my darling pums there. Can't wait to see u someday soon. Just wanna be done with this test, so i can start living again.


God bless u always, and happy b'day once again, babaji is gorgeous pink pumo nu hamesha khush rakaheyo.


wht else can u expect 4m an Angel? i luv this angel more than any other real angel if they do exist anywhere.

n happy b'day navu.....may god bless u with evrything u ever wish for :)