why arranged marriage is not bad.....


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With time, as the society has become westernized and modern, the concept of arranged seems to be fading away even from the countries which strongly believed in it like India. The reason being, independence of thought and choice.

Earlier, children got at a very young age, when they did not even have the maturity decide a life partner for themselves. Another reason was strong bonding with the family. Unlike present times, spend their whole life with the family, so they did not even have the complete freedom of thoughts. The main reason was discipline. It was a rule that parents choose a life partner for their children.

With times these concepts have faded away and now arranged marriage seems to be out of trend. The question is why is arranged marriage bad? If marriage is about a bond with love, then what difference does it make whether it is love or arranged. Love is a feeling, a bonding which is unconditional. Here are some other reasons as to why arranged marriage is not bad -

1.Interest Last Longer – In an arranged marriage, the interest retains for a longer time. Unlike love marriage, want to spend more time with each other, as they are still discovering the new feeling. In a love marriage, marriage does not bring on any difference. In an arranged marriage, two people wait for the big day. The excitement is unmatched.

2.Taken For Granted – The usual problem in a love marriage is that the couple tend to take each other for granted. In an arranged marriage, as they have just met and they are in the beautiful process of falling in love and they are bond in a commitment, the feeling of taken for granted does not exist.

3.Permanency – It has been statistically proved that love marriages are more prone to than arranged marriages. The main reason stated by is that most of the love marriages happen after two to three years of relationship and for the sake of commitment. In arranged marriage on the other hand, two people only when they are sure that they like each other. Then the couple nurture their relationship, have kids and the mingling of love, commitment and family help them to make the bonding stronger.

These three main reasons prove that arranged marriages are not bad. It is also wrong to compare arrange and love marriage. At the end it is a marriage, a commitment and a bond of love is always pure and happy.


love marriage is still better...ghatto ghatt je problem aundi aa..u know tusi hi jimmewar o :p
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