9 reasons why indian women are scared of marriage

1. Loss of independence

Many women believe that till the time they are single, they are free to do whatever they want. And, the things will change once they get married. The fear that none of their plans will ever be made without wondering about what their husband or in-laws will say, just instils the anti-marriage thoughts in their mind.

2. The big change

We all know that adapting to a change is not easy for a majority of people, and no one wants to come out of their comfort zone. So, how can women be any different? That is why, the mere thoughts of changing homes (sometimes even city or country), family, entire lifestyle, etc., gives them a terrible headache. Well, isn't that a genuine reason to be scared of marriage?

3. No more pampering

The pampering and care that a girl gets from her mother is one of the best things that can happen to her. And maybe it is this love only, which makes the women think that getting married is not really a very good idea as they would then have to leave this pampering behind. Moreover, the constant reminders from their mothers saying thinkgs like "your mother-in-law will not bear your tantrums like I do", is simply enough to freak them out.

4. Maintaining the 'Marriage Protocol'

Post their wedding, the life of an Indian woman is filled with the expectations, like have kids, take care of them, save for their education, etc. And, since the women today want to follow the ‘my life, my choice' mantra, these reasons simply put them in a doubt if at all they should get married.

5. Commitment phobia

Yes, men are not the only ones who fear commitment. Women too have their own set of relationship fears. "What if it is just an infatuation", "what if things don't work out", and many more such "what ifs", force women to steer their thoughts away from marriage.

6. Career dilemma

Most of the girls think that getting married means an end to their ambitions and career plans. This stands true at least in the situations where the woman has to leave her city or country, as she might not get the job in a new place immediately. And, no one likes a halt or break in the career for which they have worked so hard.

7. Added responsibilities

The responsibilities of a woman change and increase manifolds after marriage. Most of them have to take care of various things, like cooking, cleaning, and other household responsibilities. Well, women know that when it comes to finding a girl for their son, most mamas have a desire of getting a helping hand in form of the bahus even in today’s time. Not every young woman is comfortable with this idea. So, the reason to be worried for them is not really wrong. Don't you agree?

8. Settling with entire family

In India, marriages unite not only two people, but also their respective families. Usually, there comes a long list of new relatives, whom the women have to deal with after they get married. And, even if they dislike them, they have to pretend just the opposite of what they feel. What’s more? She suddenly turns into somebody’s bhabhi, chachi, and much more. It is not just these new relations that scares her, but the adjustments that she would have to make with an entire set of new people after marriage.

9. Changing identity

In India, women are still expected to change their surname after marriage. And in certain communities, they even have to change their first name. This can be quite an issue for many women. It is about the change of identity that they have lived with for their entire life, which bothers them more than anything else.

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But Marriage is an important phase of life. it is essential in india to get married to be fit in social scenario. In life some times it is necessary to make some adjustments for lifestyle. Adjustments lay foundations of happy life. :)