Priyanka Chopra’s International Escapades!

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USA: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is one busy lady. Between her films, brand endorsements, and becoming an international pop icon, the star also finds time to let down her hair… and party like no one’s watching.
The paparazzi spotted the sexy diva in L.A bringing down the house at a nightclub. Priyanka was seen interacting with a few friends and the DJ. She even took to the mic and spoke to crowds, or perhaps sang for them? Lucky L.A!

At another time, we spotted Priyanka Chopra stop traffic on the streets of Manhattan as she drew a huge crowd while shooting for a commercial.

Priyanka continued her L.A journey to promote ‘Exotic’ at Idolator and Myspace studios.

Looks like Pee Cee loves keeping her fans updates. She regularly posts her photos on Instagram.