A filming delay isn't going to stop Priyanka Chopra


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Priyanka Chopra was supposed to start shooting with Hrithik Roshan for Agneepath, but at the last moment her shooting was cancelled.

Rather than waste her time, she immediately got hold of her Barfee director Anurag Basu and began preparing for her role as a mentally challenged girl in the film.

"Yes, Priyanka's shooting for Agneepath got cancelled. But it was only because the shooting with the other actors that was going on from earlier went on longer than expected. Priyanka immediately got in touch with Anurag Basu and took the time to prepare for her part," said Chopra's business manager.

A source close to the actress said: "The last thing Priyanka's choc-a-block schedules can withstand are last-minute cancellations. Priyanka is very particular about her commitments and expects the same level of commitment from others. "

But here's where Chopra's enterprising spirit took over.

"Anurag was busy with other pre-production work. And tried to beg off. But Priyanka would hear none of it. She just took over his time and insisted that they visit a couple of institutions for the mentally and physically challenged. She also got immersed in lengthy workshops and even convinced Ranbir Kapoor to join her. This week she and Anurag have been inseparable in giving authenticity to her character," said a source.