Priyanka Chopra Goes Old Hollywood For ‘Planes’ Premiere

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MUMBAI: With the arrival of animated flick ‘Planes’, it appears that Priyanka Chopra is really coming into her own, in the International arena.

As we had reported, Priyanka has been on a whirlwind tour of USA, promoting her latest music single. She made a quick pitstop at California, for the premiere of Hollywood animated film ‘Planes’, for which she has dubbed for one of the characters, Ishani.

Looking oh so gorgeous in a nude pink jumpsuit and a retro hairdo, Priyanka swept everyone off their feet with her new look. Part rockstar (owing to her sunglasses), and part diva, Priyanka looked effortlessly stunning in her western ensemble.

Naturally, the pretty lady was ecstatic about being on the world stage, and about trying her hand at animation. She said: “This is the first time I’ve ever done animation, lent my voice to an animated character. It’s a very cute movie, it’s a super cute movie!”

Speaking as a poster-child for globalisation, Priyanka added: “This is a very global movie. You have characters from all across the world, and I think for kids, it’s great to understand that there’s so many different kinds of culture and people out there.”