Love Marriages

I disagree, i think arranged marriage have a similiar succeed if not more.

i think love marriages have a higher divorce rate than arranged ............although i can be wrong so dont rely on me.


.*. KiNdEr .*.
well, my didi and my jija ji used to go to the same high school and the same college... jija ji found her hot i guess, and had a huge crush on her... people talk and say that he always did gerhii's after her...

ok well the point is... the wedding was arranged!!! just like that!!! so shocking, and soo freaky lol... arranged viah ho giya... and he was in love with her from the start... of course there was nothing going on between them until after the engagement :wink

eh boht rare case ah... but if parents are happy with the love marriage, i think there is a higher rate of it succeeding :y

it depends on people .. kayi evein bina gall ton ladi jande rehnde ne.. te kayi loki appni siyaanf wart lainde ne te ghar vich khushi te shanti rakhan layi kujj vi karde ne ...soo it really doesn't matter love marriage or arrange it depends on ppl, their thinking .. te baaki rehi gall lovers getting into bonds of marriage .. i think ajj kall te loki pyar ni karde sirf flirt a.. ik chado te dooja mil hi janda :p koi hoyi sacha pyar karda hona ...

bhul chuk maaf kareoo
yaar eh mere marriage to baad hi pata chalega ji
hor ta love marriage waliya da pehla ta viah nahi hunda jeh ho jave ta fir rab hi janda kina pyarr hunda hai par main ta bhut dekhe jo aapas vich bhut pyarr karde ne mere best friend de mammi papa ne vi love marriage kiti hai ji
If it is true love and not mere fysical attraction, marriage will succeed.

Many parents had a love marriage. My parents approve love marriage, but they are scared. Many lovebirds are getting a divorce and this affects the way parents think about marriage. They are just so protective.