Hindu-Sikh marriage

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Hey guys and girls,

What do you think about marriages between different cultures?
Two friends of mine are madly in love. Both are Indians, but the boy is Sikh and the girl is Hindu. Both are scared to tell their parents., cause they are afraid to loose eachother.

Do you think that in the modern world this religion problem should exit? What would you recommend these love birds?



~*rajasthani kudi~*
we r in modern world.... bt still there religion problem...... bt also depends on what there parents think abt.. so they shud talk to their parents.... n other person's parents also.... if they r agree then..... balle balle.... :)

will pray for them.....
god bless them..


on off on off......
hindu--sikh--jain--bhuddism is one and its started from same mother land soil India :)

almost same preaching.. supreme power OM.. which more explain in hindusim then any other relegion...
The only difference with Hindusim and these relegion including christanity,islam , jews etc.. is they all are man made relegion wherz hindusim is not and therefor itz father of all relegion.


jado kise nu kise naal pyar ho jaanda,,,,,,,te fr eh gal matter nai kardi ki oh kehre religion da hai.....pyar karn to pehla asi pehla ohda religion ta nai puchde....bas eh ta jado jide naal ho jaanda odo e pata lagda....:p
so guys apne parents naal gal karo......oh tuhanu jaroor samjange....:)....
best of luck........

jatt funjabi

gaah pau mehkma
The only difference with Hindusim and these relegion including christanity,islam , jews etc.. is they all are man made relegion wherz hindusim is not and therefor itz father of all relegion.

OFF TOPIC !!! gall ki c te kithey lai geya , hahaha.

and rahi gall tu keha va Hindu dharam is father of all religion , Auraungjeb de hakumi darr de thalley aa k saarey darr k beh gye c pandit ekathey ho k shivji maharaj de mandir gye te otho ohna nu bhavishvaani hoyi k jey hun tuhada dharam bachaa skda hai ta anadpur sahib di dharti te pujo , ta pandit fareyaad lai k aaye k guru Teg Bahadur ji kol , sadey dubdey dharam di rakheya karo , auranjeb hindua nu kehnda c ja ta islaam kabool kr lyo je nyi ta maar ditey jaavoge, te fer hindua nu marn to vaad jehra ohna de gal vch janju hunda c oh utar leya jaanda c , aurangjeb odo takk roti ni c khaanda jdo tak janjuaa da bhaar svaa man(50 kg) ni c hunda.

GURU TEGBAHADUR ji nu Hind di chadar evey ni keha geya.
Pichey jahey meri ik kuri naal same topic tey debate hoi c....

Jehra meh Tat Kadea.....bai apney siyaney kyun in caste & religion marriage karna jadda vadiya samjhdey a...

Oh is layi ki marriage successful hon da oh samjhdey a jaada chance ah in caste.... kyunki kuri nu easy hunda adjust karan lai.......apney culture ch marriage da matlab a family naal adjust karna...... ..joh jihna easy hovey ohna sahi hunda....Jehri Jattan dey kuri a jeh oh jattan dey ghar javey......tan ohnu easy houga adjust karan ch......hun tusi love marriages di divorces rate hi dekhlo....kuri munda viyah kara laindey a baad ch bandi ni.....fir divorce......divorce apney culture ch vadiya cheez ni mani jandi.

Naaley Jattan dey customs different hundey a, sainian dey different, baki hindus dey different.......thora thora thinking ch farak hunda......jeh kuri same caste d hovey tah sahi rehnda.....jeh kuri same religion or caste cho hougi.....fir ohnu ghat time laguga adjust karan ch....

2nd reason eh a ...ki oh chahundey a bai apni peeri v agey vadhey......Jeh sarian kurian kisey hor religion ch viyahian gaian....fir tuhanu pata hi a ki hona...

Merey khyaal naal tah eh apney ghar dean ney tah hi rakhea system door di soch key.......

same culture = less time to adjust = supposedly more succesful marriage.

believe it or not people from different cultures behave differently.

Ah Saarey views merey apney ney......feel free to disagree......bhul chuk maaf...


on off on off......
OFF TOPIC !!! gall ki c te kithey lai geya , hahaha ..........

nope thatz not off topic,its related to this,as i have already mention above hindu,sikhs,jain & buddhism are one only and marraige between them is ok and can go.... actually this sikh hindu apas meh vare(prob) rarelly u will found now days 7 if found then outside indian specially england and near by its countries only,Because dirty pakistani are too there & they only creats misunderstanding between the strong sikh-hindu unity(khalistan force was to funded by terrorist pakistan isi to break india..now world is seeing who is brakeing)... well in india now days no one talk about this unfamous stupid sikh-hindu things.... but outsiders some NRI god only give them brain & keep them smart enough & away frm this demons in human face pakistan.

well u said about aurangzeb.. well auranzeb was itself an satsangi ,he attend all satsang but dyan kum kertha, mere pass paiseh jada ho,meh bada raja banah..eh sooch ker bethda se ... so he rebirth and came back as auranzeb.And he attended 7 days continue satsang in feets of a hindu saint..sorry i forgot the name of that saint...and he stop all his dirty activities of conversation..but after few months again mulloh neh bhadka deyah uska aur gadha apni ohkad peh ah gayah...well his own eldest brother, Dara Shikoh says i have read whole koran but then also allahi noor nahi milraha hai..then he developed a friendship with the seventh Sikh Guru frm there he attracted to vedas,upanishads..after reading its he says all these real treasures are in vedas & upanishads ..my muslim brothers are blank they dont know the real truth ,so he translated fifty Upanishads.And that book called (ello)ailo upanishad which is mixture of farsi and sanskrit,but preaching of only vedas... this make auranzeb angry and he putted him in jail forever.but he never gone against the preaching of vedas till end of his life.

Remember vedas are lakhs of year old,this itself give an idea whoz the first ,Common sense....well u said about that bavishvani i know it.... and also about guru gobind singh jee ,unkhe bhi pehche badi lambi story hai.... how he was been ordered and given sword to kill these demons mughals joh garibah nu marde aure dharam badel de se... yeah sab honah he see..already written there in some relgious book,,,the entry of mugals in india.. ab aghe hun time daseh ga kon kethda father hai..wait few yrs.. very soon :)

well leave it now,as its going outoff topic ....koe dusra section hotah toh discuss kerdah :)

dont want to bump this topic so replying here gabru top da
other religions dont support everything that is mentioned in the vedas.
yeah because they r man made relegion and incomplete....and those who have doubt or dont belevie in vedas is biggest fool... this is said in granth.. by sant Kabir gee patah hai,,
the proof is already posted here with the pic(snapshot) from the book which in written in punjabi... i have saw it week back in this forum only... dont know which thread, think "Ominous" or by munda_wakhre_type_da posted it ? cant rememeber.

even guru gobind singh was a strong worshipper of vashno devi(maa durga).... and maa durga only give him the sword and said use this against those peoples who kill innocents... go kid research u do... obviously not that khalistan terrorist style thinking here ;)
Prithvi bro the topic is about marriage....not vedas.......create another topic and we would love to discuss the issues.........

If you are suggesting that marriage between the religions are ok because all the religions came from the Vedas then i suggest you do some research because other religions dont support everything that is mentioned in the vedas.

I would love to give examples but as its going way off topic i suggest all of us stop or create another topic........have a gud day
A intercultural marriage is not as good as a cultiral marriage, perhaps they will have some differences after marriage, But since sikh and hindu religions both have highest tolerance levels and good similarities in living, so it can be a successful marriage. But always prefer marrying within your cultures and boundaries, coz a marriage is not just match of two individuals, but match of 2 families. not just a relation of husband and wife is created, but a lot relations are made.
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