Laughter Snacks 15


The He4rt H4ck3r
Ek faqeer bachchi se: ALLAH k naam par de beta

Bachchi: Main beta nahi beti hoon

Faqeer: ALLAH k naam par de beti

Bachchi: Mera naam nusrat hai

Faqeer: ALLAH k naam par de nusrat

Bachchi: Mera poora naam Nusrat Parveen hai

Faqeer: ALLAH k naam par de Nusrat Parveen

Bachchi: Ye hui na baat

Ab maaf karo baba :yes


An airline introduced a special package for Businessmen..

."Buy your ticket and get your wife's ticket free!"

...After great success the company sent letters to all
the wives asking how the trip had been for them..

All gave the same reply...

"WHAT TRIP ??!!..:an


What is the best punishment for a woman?
give her new clothes
matching her jewelry
and nice cosmetics
and then
lock her in a room without mirror....:kudi
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