How To Maintain Healthy Weight


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Looks like the whole world today is bothered about the increasing waistline and ballooning size! Thanks to the assortment of fatty food and aerated drinks available at the disposal, maintaining a healthy weight has become an unsolved puzzle for many. While most of the people believe in dieting and skipping the meals as the only way to lose weight, the fact is that these are incorrect and unhealthy means of trying to keep oneself healthy. Not only would these lead to wastage of effort, but dieting and skipping meals are likely to leave you with additional health problems to tackle. Even if successful, these techniques will give you only temporary results, thus making you re-gain weight once you switch back to your normal eating habits. The best way to lose excess kilos and maintain the healthy weight is by reducing the intake of calories. However, it is not possible to attain the healthy mark in an overnight. To reach and maintain the healthy weight, you need to be patient and lead a routine life without any dieting plan. This article provides you with tips for maintaining a healthy weight, allowing you to follow and lose weight in a simple way.

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Exercise Regularly
Regular physical exercise is the best way to burn down calories and build up muscles. So, whether it is taking your dog out for a walk, going for cycling, joining your favorite game club, or switching to routine jogging - choose an activity that you best enjoy and get going. Remember, the best way to tone up your body is to include intensive workout in your routine and add some strength exercises to build up the muscles.

Don’t Skip Breakfast
Another important way in which you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight is by eating your breakfast regularly. Nutritionists consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, as it fuels up your day. A person who does not indulge in a nutritious breakfast tends to put on more weight than those who consume healthy breakfast every day.

Consume Low Energy, Dense Food
Low energy and less calorie content food that make you feel full is one of the best ways through which you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Fruits and vegetables are low-energy-dense foods that are quite beneficial to maintain a healthy weight. Apart from that, these food items also ensure good health.

Maintain A Food Diary
Keep a rough track of whatever you eat in 24 hour duration. There is no need of literally writing the list in a diary. Just by remembering whatever you ate along the day's span will help you learn where you are going wrong. This way you would be able to cut down on fast foods, like cookies, crackers, etc., thereby keeping a track of what you eat. This will become your self-measurement scale, which will help you to make efforts to reach your ideal mark.

Healthy Snacks
If you love munching over snacks in between meals, stock up some healthy snacks instead of the calorie packs. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, apples and other fresh fruits are few examples of healthy snacks that you can munch on in between meals, without worrying about weight gain.

Become Size Wise
Size wise refers to the quantity and proportion of food you consume at a time. Make sure that you consume small portions of food many times in a day, rather than bulk portions. It is advisable to consume small quantity of food per meal, even though you have your favorite food in front of you. According to several surveys, people who maintain healthy weight eat 5 small meals in a day.

Fruits & Veggies
Consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, to provide the required vitamins and minerals to your body. All fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and thus help you to feel satiated faster. Remember, when you are full over veggies and fruits, you are less likely to eat high calorie food.

Cut Down On Condiments
Cut down on the consumption of flavorings such as ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce, corn syrups, etc. These condiments contain a lot of calories, 90% of which comes from fat, making you grow plump, within no time. The extra sugar, fat and salt present in the condiments instantly increase the caloric count, thereby making it hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Increase Water Intake
Many a times you can get deceived by your brain, that make you think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty. Such feeling of hunger can be taken care of by a glass of water, instead of sugar-loaded soda pop drink.