10 Tips for guaranteed weight loss


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je 22 gym janda ta gym to 30 min pehla coffee pee lao :chah fer workout karo :pardesi

sab to wadhia fat burner nale exercise karn nu energy mildi :dr

nale je wt ghat karna ta lassi chadni laggu :p.

Raat nu dahi na khayea kar te raat nu sirf 1 cup dudh lea kar

coffee should be black pre workout

second fat burner will work well but wen u gain, u gain at places where u never gained before :an if u must then have a light fatburner twice a day half hr after ur meal

lassi is not fattening :smirk

if u talk of milk by-products low fat dahi is safest , hv 2 servings a day even three , perhaps a glass of milk and cottage cheese not more than twice a week


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^^ m with u yaar, i joined the gym yesterday :pardesi

best hai simple khana ghar ka , no processed food, no fat , try and alter ur eating style(like shock ur body) 1 din 9 baje brekky khao next day 1 baje tak kuch na khao (its called intermittent fasting) boht cheeje hai .. if u put ur mind to it

I can easily reduce 3-4 kgs a week ,, bas muh banda karna painda :n