How To Maintain Weight After Dieting


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Losing weight is much easier that maintaining the weight loss. Problems in maintaining weight are usually encountered by those who lose weight quickly, mainly through crash dieting. Since they do not follow a specific healthy diet plan, the weight issue keeps on arising time and again. Putting on weight or resuming your previous shape can be very depressing, after all the initial hard work. Therefore, it is important to make efforts to maintain a stable body weight. This article comes up with some useful tips on how to maintain weight after dieting. Just follow them and ensure that remain in that awesome shape for months and years after your dieting is over.

Tips For Maintaining Weight After Dieting

Exercise Regularly:
Don’t relax your weight loss regime completely, just because you have reduced the pounds you wanted to. You can’t loosen up after getting the desired result. However, it is always better to get into the habit of regular exercise, than to continue dieting. Exercise will keep you active and you will also be able to eat all those food items that had been avoiding during your diet period, though in moderation. Just ensure that you burn those extra calories through regular workouts.

Maintain A Low Fat Diet:
After getting good results, you can certainly take liberties with your diet regime, but do not start binging, to compensate for the lost time. Try to maintain a low-fat diet and eat those delicious desserts in moderation. People have a habit of splurging on food after dieting. The whole purpose of keeping yourself so much restrained in the past will be lost, if you simply get back to your normal eating habits. Take care not to gorge too much, but don’t deny yourself anything as well.

Have A Healthy Breakfast:
There is nothing better than having a healthy and nutritious breakfast. You should take a heavy breakfast, because what you eat in the morning is digested quickly. So, you can afford to have a stomach-full breakfast, without any fear of putting on extra weight. A healthy breakfast will also help you avoid over-eating and will jump start your metabolism, making you feel energetic throughout the day. However, don’t hog on food just because its morning time and always remember that self-control is the key for maintaining weight.

Don’t Ban Food Completely:
Keeping chocolates, cookies and other fat-rich food out of your diet can increase your craving and increase the risk of your indulging in them in excess at some point of time, though not without feeling guilty. There is no need to deny yourself anything. Once in a while, you can have chocolates or other sweets. However, make sure not to overdo anything. Never force something on yourself, as you may not be able to follow it up in the long run.

Check Your Weight At Regular Intervals:
Make sure that you check your weight at regular intervals, to keep a tab on your weight growth. There is no benefit of making efforts without knowing the results. If possible, try to weigh yourself every week, so that you get a weekly report of your health. Accordingly, your diet can be regulated. In case, you have put on a few pounds, you can introduce some diet changes to bring it back to track. In this, 'ignorance is not bliss'.