Hackers Not Scared of FBI


Prime VIP

After the FBI carried out raids throughout the country looking for AntiSec hacktivists, LulzSec and Anonymous released a statement to say that they were not scared of the FBI any more and they were not going anywhere.

Several days ago, a series of raids were carried out by the US authorities on alleged hackers across the country. As a result, from 14 to 16 people were arrested and a number of homes were raided. Still, there is little information on who exactly was arrested, but it became clear that it wasn’t a large hacker crackdown like the FBI might have expected, because all of the major hacker groups continued operating as usual. The suggestions were made that the FBI arrested people who have been merely running applications assisting in DDoS attacks instead of real masterminds in the hacking groups.

Today LulzSec and Anonymous have issued a joint statement, claiming that the threats of the FBI wouldn’t deter hacktivists from carrying out their activities. The statement was published at PasteBin and carried comments made by the FBI. For example, the FBI commented that it was criminal to hack the websites in the first place. In response, the hackers claimed that the government hasn’t exactly been behaving perfectly either. Moreover, hacker groups said they considered the governments and corporations as their enemy and promised to continue fighting them with all methods, including breaking into their sites.

LulzSec and Anonymous claimed they weren’t scared any more, and pointed out that the FBI couldn’t arrest the very idea of fighting, so the threats to arrest individual hackers were meaningless. Instead, any attempt to do so could only make US citizens angrier, and hacker would support those people. In addition, the statement engaged the FBI on another issue, saying that the web has become too important for too many people, which made the hackers to ensure online freedom is protected.

As we can see from the dialogue, neither side is expected to back down any time soon. Indeed, unless the authorities are able to make some serious inroads in to the hacktivists, it will be too difficult to maintain the idea that the government is capable of stopping them at all. Actually, nothing can be more damaging to the FBI than the idea of the FBI being desperate enough to arrest anyone connected with Anonymous, even if it was the person who just mentioned it in the conversation.