Bebe Nanaki - First Sikh ?

Koi eis ga nu manne ja na manneh. Ajmer singh tried to show why Sikh Revolution movement was different than the rest of other revolts in Hindustan during the mugals


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Mark Juergensmeyer, Director, Orfalea Centre for Global & International Studies, UCSB, reported in his paper "From Bhindranwale to Bin Laden: Understanding Religious Violence", "The movement is over," as many militants had been killed, imprisoned, or driven into hiding, and because public support was gone.

He also writes that the Khalistani Movement had the support of Pakistans ISI. volume- 06CHAP02_JUERGENSMEYER.pdf

In 2006, an American Court convicted Khalid Awan of providing money and financial services to the Khalistan Commando Force chief Paramjit Singh Panjwar in Pakistan
A copy of d conviction order :USDOJ: US Attorney's Office - Eastern District of New York

Every one knows d weapons had come from pakistan. N nopbody said d terrorists had AK-47's.
Pakistani's acted smartly. Dey wanted bhindrawalla n his men butchered. It suited them.
Just as anti-sikh riots in Dilli suited them. N just as one more anti-sikh riot will suit them.
Foolos r Sikh living in d west. They actually believe Pakistan is a friend who will help them
create a Khaliphate of khalistan. Or lets say Khalif-stan.



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I got .32 revolver made in germany.
And if i get chance to shoot some one here den will police think that germany is involved in murder :-? Coz revolver is made in germany
And revolver is imported in india thru america,,

Soo it comes from america,,soo america is also involved.


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German made .32 is legally avaiable in India. I'm sure U also hv a license for that.
N germany dint give dat weapon to U to kill 5000 hindu's in 15 miniutes.
Bhindrawalla had promised he'll kill 5000 hindus in 15 minutes.
Dats what Pakistan gave him d weapons for.

N I'll tel U somethjing.
In Nagaland n Assam even AK-47 now is legally available if U meet certain conditions.



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Now i m making a statement i will shoot all unp vip members.. Soo Germany nd america given me weapon for shooting unp vip members.

And back in 1980's to 1990's der were more den 5000 hindus in pakistan :-? Isnt it????
Dey can kill hindus in pakistan if dey want to... Its only possible if hindus r first and last target for pakistan.
And wepons and bullets doesnt have religion.

in UP 65% wepons r illigal. And dey r UP made.
AND bhindrawale made dis statment for those hindus who were in boat of govt & and forcing police to do things like capturing sikhs vehicles, put sikhs in jail without any charges many other things and it was a warning for those hindus making statements like sir te pagdi rehn ni deni and ehna nu bhejo pakistan,
Dont think all hindus r saints
U must b aware of recent news
In andhra pradesh ders a BAJRANG dal(hindus) who caught making bombs and with wepons which came from pakistan and documents to make bomb also confirmed dey came from pakistan.
If bhindrawale is hindu hater den why would he build a mandir in gurdaspur for hindus,
Why he bought a hindu's gurl back who was kidnaped,
Why he gave money to a hindu shopkeeper who was looted
And der r many why's

By Blaming eachother we cant run from actual circumstances


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Dont think all hindus r saints

Are all Sikh saints?
What abt Aroor Singh??

If bhindrawale is hindu hater den why would he build a mandir in gurdaspur for hindus,
Why he bought a hindu's gurl back who was kidnaped,
Why he gave money to a hindu shopkeeper who was looted

He did all dis wen he was Indira Gandhi's useful stooge.
Zia-ul-Haq's useful stooge he became later.

By Blaming each other we cant run from actual circumstances

I totally agree.
But U r d first person I hear say dis in relation to d hindu's.
But most of d time dis is said only wen pakistan is mentioed.
Or d mughals. That blaming each othr won't help.
B'coz Indira Gandhi didn't kill Tegh Bahadur.
How these Cannada de sant sipahi wish Indira gandhi had killed tegh bahadur...



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True that not all sikhs r saints,,
Dont go soo far,,
i m a sikh and i m nt a saint,,,

And bhindrawale became nirbhauu later, the one who get nirbhauu is nt undersome one ,, he/she is under bhau of one god.
this doesnt matters who killed GURU TEG BAHADUR JI, the thing matter is WHY HE WAS KILLED.
Indra killed many sikh childrens ,sikh womens,youth vich have nuthing to do with her, and she had many option to stop these killings, after all dey were indian citizens.

People who killed childrens In peshawar all call them terroists ,,rite???
And indian govt did same with sikh childrens ,, for us indian govt was terrorist that time.
Because 5-7 year old kid cant b a terrorist. Even if he/she born in muslim family
Same if he born in hindu family or sikh family.

And the one who is saying now that by 2021 dey will make all indians hindus,,,same thing mugals saying at that time that dey will make all hindus muslims,,,

I cant find diffrence between these two now.


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by 3012 everyone will be atheist , unless some could logically prove the exisence of God.