Your choice for Punjabi Rapper?


Whats you choice for Punjabi-English Rapper in Punjabi songs?

Mine: Badshah :eek: (jus kidding :p)

This is just top of my head but it has to be Kanwar featured in Son of Sardar by Tigerstyle.
Reason is it's not just about delivery but also the artist's voice and clarity of words. Transition of English and Punjabi language is so smooth in that song and I can listen to it all day. I wish there was more collab with him.

Personally I can't stand Fateh's voice - for e.g. Funk by Pav Dharia - I liked the song but can't stand Fateh's part in it.

Bohemia brought Punjabi rapping to mainstream and some of the earlier songs are nice but his lyrics is something I don't like and his recent songs are all c*ap
There's a reason Cheshire Cat's featured in so many songs (not Punjabi Rapper but still) - he has a diff style unique to him
I think Raxstar is doing pretty good nowadays with collabs with PropheC and then some

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Kujh vi aa , jinna vi sunnya te samjh ch aaya , Bohemia sabh ton best aa , baaki bss kurhiya de figure di zyada gll krde like Badshah and Honey Singh :p te ohi lokaan nu zyada pasand aunde

Bohemia karda deep gallan , Normal bande de samjh ton bahar diyan gallan , taan hi je kisse vi average listener nu puchhoge taan oh Sirf Badshah te Honey Singh Da naam lauga without any reason.

Baaki Je kriye gall bohemia de baad de rappers di taan Raftaar , that's it.