King of Punjabi Sad Songs

King of Punjabi Sad Songs

Sad songs are equally liked by boys as well as girls. Sad songs are only pillar for boyz and girls who failed in love. Here I’m talking about famous Punjabi singers who are very famous in this genre.

1. Nachatar Gill – Gill is the no 1 punjabi singer in this genre who is liked by both boys and girls. With his powerful clean and high pitch voice, perfect choice of selecting song content makes him king of sad songs. All his sad songs are quite famous like , Naam, Sachi nahi, Akhiyan ch paani and many more. He may not write his songs but he pick very touchy songs.

2. Debi Makhsoospuri - Debi is well known and established legendary singer with wide range of hit sad songs like Jihre Mulk viahi, Mitran di Awaaj and many more. He write songs himself. but he is famous in boys more then girls. His only drawback is that he releases songs with too much gap between them.

3. Inderjit Nikku – Nikku with sad tracks like Mumtaaj, apni Thaan, Door, and many other hits and equally famous between boys and girls is on 3rd number on my list. His clean high pitch voice with true sad feeling makes him a good sad singer. His good thing is that less gap between release of tracks. All of his old albums are very good to listen.

4. Kanth Kaler – Mostly known for singing sad songs Kanth kaler or kaler kanth also has a good fan base. Tracks like Dukh, Ik Mera Dil, etc are hit tracks in his record.

5. Davinder Kohenoor - Special singer for special heartbroken peoples widely used in jokes for lovers davinder’s songs are famous between his special fan base. But too much over the limit.

6. DharamPreet – Dharam preet is may not between us but with tracks like Aina Kde Vi Nai Roya he has a huge fan base of very typical and hardcore fans. His special things that desi boys belongs to villages are good fan of him.



Pyaar de allhe jhakma te, pyaar de komal harfa di, pyaar naal takore. Debi makhsoospuri