Rampuriya !!
Why is life so hard?
It's like no one else understands.
Why should I listen to my heart?
I will never get a helping hand.

Why don't people notice the good things I do?
They just don't seem to care about that.
Why, after I've listened to you, won't you listen to me?
Honesty is just a bunch of crap.

Why do I always get depressed?
I'm never happy at all.
Why can't I get this pain off my chest?
I have no one else to break my fall.

Why must I insist on pills to kill the pain?
Sadness only makes it worse.
Why am I always stuck in the rain?
Life is nothing but a curse.

Why do people walk away right when needed?
They don't get it.
Why am I always writing poems?
Maybe no one will see it.

Why do I yearn for a lost touch?
It hurts so bad to hear his voice.
Why must I cry so much?
It's never a choice.

Why do I get so lost in love?
Being ready has never came to mind.
Why am I always the nudge or shove?
These answers are too complicated to find.

Why do I look in the mirror and smile?
I've got nothing to lose.
Why are people gone for such a long while?
Suicide and abuse.

Why do I write each and everyday?
Thinking long and hard, all alone.
Why must I have so much to say?
Yet I have no one to call my own.

Why do friends have to die at such a young age?
Everything they do, nothing is right.
Why do I feel as if I'm trapped in a cage?
I'm always never seeing the light.

Why won't people see the real me?
It's like they just don't care.
Why can't I let things be?
Because, nobody is ever there.