Why did you

Saini Sa'aB

Why did you have to come to my life
then leave without turning back
why did you have to brighten a day
then leave the rest in darkness
why did you ever make me laugh
then left me with a well of tears
why pretended to be a hero
when you were but a piercer of the heart
why did you have to forget me
when here I am still longing for you
why did you throw away the mem’ries
when they are the reasons that kept me sane
why can’t you even come, face me upfront
and say you’re sorry for hiding the truth
why did you do things that led me to love you
when you know it will only destroy my life
why can’t I seem to forget you, let alone hate you
for all the pains that you caused me
why on earth, despite the distance
do I still long for you…..