White Sikhs


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Yeah, there are quite a few white sikhs in Texas and Millis, Massachussets. Sikhism in white ppl was spread by Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh Yogi) in US. He came to US as yoga teacher and slowly he gained popularity and most of his yoga students started keeping Kesh and Darrha.

I have been to White Sikh's Gurudwara in Millis, MA.
What I observed is that they are inspired by mostly by the Yoga. I am not so sure if they do Nitnem on time or not, but yoga classes are always on time.
Their attachment is not similar to what Indian Sikhs have. Indian Sikhs are mostly attached becuase our grand fathers and fore fathers made lot of sacrifices for Sikh Panth. Their attachment level is to get a mental peace from kirtan music and fit mind and body from yoga.

They are whites and they do all the things to get benefited. White Sikhs realised that Gurbani can give them much needed mental peace and calmness to their soul. Ironically this thing is lost by Sikhs from east.

Some thing to learn for eastern Sikhs.

One more motivational share:
There is a place Lakshmipur about 30 (or 300Kms) away from Patna Sahib. There couple of villages were set up by 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. Those villagers still claim that all the kids and elders in that village maintain unshorn hair. All youngsters take Baptism of Khanda before they go through Anand Karaj.