Turban rule relaxed for the session


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
SANGRUR: The turban row finally ended on Thursday. In a meeting with parents of non-Sikh students Akal Academy rolled back the rule, which made wearing turbans compulsory for all students, for the present session.

The school management will be free to enforce the rule from the next session.

This has brought to an end the fortnight-long tussle between parents of non-Sikh students and the school's management.
Sangrur deputy commissioner VK Ohri helped the two parties reach the settlement.

"We are satisfied that the academy has exempted the students from wearing turbans and now we would not be sending our wards to other schools," said Rajinder Kumar Leelu who along with Ashok Jindal was leading the non-Sikh parents in their efforts against the rule's implementation. The school assured it will stick to the new decision.