Turban row: Parents to move HC


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
may 20

Sticking to its announcement and keeping the turban controversy alive, Akal Academy on Monday imposed a fine on two students, including a girl, who didn’t wear the headgear to school.

With more than 100 students, belonging to non-Sikh families opposed to the diktat, already staying away from school since Friday, Veenu, a class IX student, and Karan Bansal of class X were reportedly fined and asked to call up their parents.

"The management also sent a strict message to all students that indiscipline would not be tolerated and every student would have to come in the defined dress code to avoid fine," said sources.

Continuing to cry foul over the imposition of the turban rule, many parents chose to admit their children to different schools.

"A dozen students have taken admission in Rosemary Public School in Sunam, and 18 students have filled up forms for Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur. Sidhu Memorial School in Cheema is also witnessing a great deal of rush," informed a parent, Ashok Jindal, while voicing the concern of other harried guardians.

An angry father, Rajinder Kumar Leelu said, "We don’t want our children to study in Akal Academy anymore. Within a couple of days, they will be shifted out from here."

As parents appeared determined to file a petition in the high court against the decision, Leelu added, "All documents relating to the highhandedness have been handed over to a lawyer and on Tuesday the petition will be filed. Parents reportedly also planned to join in the protest with National Commission for Minority Educational Institutes member and former Union minister Balwant Singh Ramoowalia.

Meanwhile, confirming the imposition of fine on the two students, member of Kalgidhar Trust that runs 41 academies across the country, Major Gen (retd) RS Chhatwal said, "The turban is part of the school dress code and it is necessary for every student to follow it. Anyone breaking the rule will be treated in the very manner." As for parents approaching HC, Chhatwal said, "The trust will abide by law and, if asked, will file a reply."


Prime VIP
was that written in admission forms or school prospectus somewhere that students have to wear mandatory Turban as a dress code for school?

If yes ta fer parents nu admission to pella sochan chaeeda si ya fer mgmt naal gal karni chaeedi si.
If no, taa school aalya da koi hak nahi banda ke oh mid year ya fer once admitted students nu force karan ess lai.


Prime VIP
It is usrely debateable topic.

If a normal school can force Sikh students under class 10th to not wear the turban then a Gurmat School also can publish the dress code well in advance and hence forth can give a choice for others to join or not join the school.

For sure, they cannot force anyone after joining the school. That is cheating and they should be strictly punished for that.