Sikh Body Slams School For Forcing Turban On Non-sikhs


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Chandigarh May 11:
Dal Khalsa International, a radical Sikh body criticised the decision of the Akal Academy for making 'turban' compulsory for non-Sikh students in the schools run under its management.
Party general secretary Kanwar Pal Singh said the decision asking Hindu students to wear turban was unfair and unfortunate. Similarly, banning the Sikh students to wear turban by the management of the St Anthony Convent School, Adampura, was condemnable. "There is no difference between enforcing Hindu students to wear turban and banning Sikhs to wear turban. In both the cases religious and human rights gets violated. We protest against it as both the acts were equally wrong', he said.
The management of the Akal Academy should amend its prospects by making the 'turban' mandatory for those students who follow and practice Sikh faith. How can we justify our fight against injustices being done to Sikh students for wearing religious symbols not only in India but abroad also, when our own institutions were doing injustice to students of other religion, he questioned. He justified the protest lodged by the parents of non-Sikh students over the 'arbitrary' decision.
Lambasting the state government for not complying with the letter and spirit of the Police Act, the Dal Khalsa activist asked Punjab chief minister to remove all tainted cops from the key posts immediately. Welcoming the Punjab and Haryana High Court initiative to restore rule of law, he said it seemed police leadership had overtaken the political leadership.
Badal had shown scant regard for rule of law and justice, he alleged and added that during his stints as CM of the state, he has always utilizes the services of those officers who prefers to function outside the ambit of law.