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Accidental actor

Derek Ramsey never wanted to be an actor. He was content with modelling and being a TV personality. But last year, he had a career breakthrough — he starred in two of the biggest films in Philippine cinematic history. And now he's charting a new course in his career, jumping over the fence to join TV5.

Excerpts from the interview.

You didn't want to be an actor, yet you've become one of the most sought-after in the business. What can you say to that?

It's overwhelming, to be honest. I never thought I'd make it in this business as an actor, but it happened. I don't know how, except I was just trying to be the best that I can be in whatever was given to me. In modelling or TV hosting, I just tried to do a good job, people took notice. I guess that's how it happened. There's no secret except hard work and being true to people.

You left ABS CBN for TV5. The press announcement from your former home studio was rather biting, saying they couldn't match the offer. Any comment?

All I want to say to ABS CBN is thank you for being a good home to me, and I am just happy that TV5 has prepared a new home where I can grow as an artist. I left the negotiations to my handlers and my parents, and they felt that what I was getting from TV5 was a better deal overall, not just financially. This is now a career for me, and I'd like to be the best that I can be as an actor, so I have to be able to support that aspiration with the right projects, the right people. I am not closing doors, which is why I will still be making movies with ABS CBN's film arm, Star Cinema. This business is very small, there is no reason to burn bridges.

What will you be doing for TV5?

I am going to be the host for the Philippine edition of The Amazing Race, one of my favourite shows on TV. I am excited I was chosen to do this, because I love the show so much, and travelling is also a big part of my life. There are other shows but it involves my desire to be a better actor, so hopefully it will progress without any hitches. I am really looking forward to working, that's just about it for me.

Are we going to see you and Angelica Panganiban get married this year?

Getting married is now part of the plan. I see myself walking down the aisle with her. As for the exact and time, we still don't know. We're going to be both very busy now — I with my new projects and she has her new series. When it happens, we will inform everybody. It's not like our relationship is a secret.


Gimme more

Angelica Panganiban's rants may have been heard by network executives. After complaining of not being busy enough, Panganiban was cast as the lead star in a new drama series, Mariposang Dagat (Sea Butterfly). At the moment, the actress' only show on ABS CBN is the comedy series Banana Split. She was supposed to star in a big project — alongside KC Concepcion and Gretchen Barretto — but their schedules didn't match. Concepcion has since been given the Philippine edition of The X Factor, while Barretto was cast in the Princess and I. Panganiban denied she received an offer from TV5, where it has now been officially announced her boyfriend and actor Derek Ramsey is going to host The Amazing Race's Philippine edition.

It's action time

Actor Aljur Abrenica wants to venture into action flicks. Abrenica's My Kontrabida Girl, opposite actress Rhian Ramos, did fairly well at the box office and earned him good reviews, erasing the trauma of his performance in his debut TV series, Machete. Abrenica hopes he will be able to hone his acting skills by doing action films and then eventually go back to drama, where he wants to make a mark. An occasional singer, Abrenica will be performing in Dubai on April 19-20 at Chi@The Lodge. For tickets and other details, call 055-1750311.

Just having fun

KC Concepcion denied anything serious between her and Blake band member, Jules Knight. The actress admitted she and Knight went out on a date, but that was just to get to know each other. Although she has recovered from her break-up with actor Piolo Pascual, Concepcion said she is not ready to go into another relationship. She also revealed the founding member of the British boy band is going to the Philippines in July to record a Christmas album with her and a few local artists.

Reunion project

Fans of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo will be happy to know that the two are scheduled to do a reunion project, this time on TV. Alonzo revealed she and Cruz might leave the country to tape the series in an undisclosed location in Europe — the new TV series is set for screening in the second half of 2012. The two were last seen together in Miss You Like Crazy in 2010. On TV, their last series together was in 2008 in Betty La Fea, the local adaptation of the popular Ugly Betty series. Since then, they have been paired with other stars but fans have been clamouring for a reunion of one of the most successful romantic couples in Philippine showbusiness.