The Truth


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I want to let you know,
to help you understand.
The truth might be confusing.
Not all of life is planned.

You came to me for reasons,
So young and blind was I.
High on hopes yet frightened.
I never questioned why.

I strived to do things right,
consumed by pain inside.
I knew that I had failed you.
I prayed you'd know I tried.

With odds that stacked against us,
we held our heads up high.
You wrapped your arms around me.
Our tears would soon be dry.

You never asked me questions,
so trusting I knew best.
Just when I thought we found it,
came that aching in my chest.

Not again I pleaded.
I had failed you once before.
Your tears were filled with questions.
You expected so much more.

My words became so empty.
You knew what once you had.
I no longer could protect you.
You said, But mommy he's my dad.

So desperate and disgusted.
How could this really be?
You never would forgive me.
I prayed a silent plea.

No such prayer was needed.
You wiped away my tears.
Just the two of us together,
would conquer all our fears.

The truth is that I love you.
Your smile warms my heart.
We will always be together,
as we have been from the start.