i knew i loved you


Rampuriya !!
i knew i loved you
from the frist time i saw your beautiful blue eyes
i knew you were the one for me
we spent all of our free time getting to know each other better
although we only had 3 weeks together
it was the best 3 weeks of my entire life!!
we did everything together!!
you were my first true love
then the end of the 3rd week came
and you left me satnding there
all alone
you said you would never forget me
i said i would love you forvever
we E-mailed each other
but soon we grew apart
i called a few times
but we only had 10 minute phone calls
i knew you missed me
and i hope you knew i missed you too
i knew you loved me at once
and i know you knew i loved you too
but what i don't think you know is that i still love you
and i don't think i will ever love someone
the way i have loved you
you were my first love
you were my true love
from our first kiss
until the very last rose
and from the first time i saw you
i knew you were the one for me
and i knew i loved you!!