The Greatness of Having Your Love


Rampuriya !!
When I first saw your beautiful face,
I knew you would be the one.
The one I would want to spend all my life with.
The one I would want to grow old with.
I knew at that very moment, you and I would be right for each other.
The way you looked into my eyes, I will never forget.

If someone was to erase my memory,
I know I would still remember.
How could I forget your face.
How could I forget the love you gave me.
So many years together.
So many joys together.
It is better than I imagined.

Having you so close to me,
It is the greatest gift ever.
Having your lips on mine,
Is the greatest joy ever.
Being able to see you sleep,
Being able to sleep with you.
To feel your strong arms around me,
Is to know there is no danger at all.

My life with you is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
Being part of your life is such a great privilege.
I know we will always be together.
I know we will fight all angers.
For I know, with our love, we can defeat anything and anyone.