Recipe Tandoori Banarasi Aloo


1000 gm baby potatoes
250 gm hung curd
25 gm ginger garlic
15 gm red chilli (deghi mirch)
75 gm oil
salt to taste
25gm garam masala
250 gm saunth chutney
25 gm chaat masala
30 gm ginger
10 gm fenugreek
35 gm fresh coriander
15 gm garlic

1) Marinate the baby potato with ginger garlic paste, oil, salt and red chili powder.
2) Sauté them in lagan with small amount of water. Now let them cool.
3) Put the tandoori masala which include hung curd, deghi mirch, salt, garam masala, oil, fenugreek on to the potatoes and put it on skewers. When is red brown remove from tandoor.
4) Cut them into two. Now take pan add oil into it and chop ginger and garlic to it then add saunth chutney, baby potatoes, chaat masala, fresh coriander to it.
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