Sikhs dont eat meat coz of this


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After seeing this picture you can be pretty sure why Sikhs don't eat meat, specially cow ;)
Also, you will get to know why sikhs drink milk (animal product) although they are vegetarians. :p

gussa na karyo, this is just for fun. This picture was published by RSS, not that RSS. Its Rashtriya Sikh Sangat. They claim to be different then RSS but that RSS is their parent body.

I am not sure what RSS want to convey from this picture.


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RSS aleya nu kaho gau ch kun rabb ta harek jeev jantu ch wasda ae.. harek di fotoaan te tatto bana ke fotoaan chaapo
naale rabb vasda Guru ta nahi vasde :p

Veere tusi haje hor note nahi kita "Sur Nar Mun Jan Amrit Khojde" te fer ehna ne Gaa de thaana cho dudh kad thalle bat te amrit likh ta. rofl
Ser to laeke Paera tak jor laya hoya ke bas kimme na kimme aa loki Prove kar den jiss picche RSS banai aa. Problem aa haigi ke ser to laike paera tak sara jor Gaan da hi laya, je kitte apna laa laende ta shayad Guru enna nu akal de dinda.