santa singh!!!


~~brOwn sUg@~~
Four guys, from Harvard, Yale, MIT and SANTA SINGH from Punjab University were to be interview for prestigious job. One common
question was asked to all 4 of them.


YALE guy : Its light, Nothing can travel faster than light.

HARVARD Guy : Its the Thought, b'cos thought is so fast it comes instantly in your mind

MIT guy : Its Blink, you can blink and its hard to realize you blinked

SANTA SINGH : Its Diarrhea

INTERVIEWER : (Shocked to hear santa's reply, asked) "WHY" ?

SANTA SINGH : Last night after dinner, I was lying in my bed and I got the worst stomach cramps, and before I could THINK, BLINK, or TURN
ON THE LIGHTS, it was over!!!!


~~brOwn sUg@~~
well i guess kayi lokaan nu mere ess joke nu post karan te prob c coz ess joke ch santa singh naam use kita gaya hai......n dey say kee dis is a religious comment te i shudnt post jokes on sardar....ess joke ch i guess kite vee sardar ya sikh wrd nayi use kita gaya.....n sab to waddi gall kee main aap ik sardarni haan......n i wudnt tolerate jokes on mah religion eva......

i dnt understand har gall nu religious pt of view naal kyn lainde aa loki......nw using santa singh doesnot mean dat it was targeted on da whole sikh community.....yaar asi aap hee lokaan nu eho jahe mauke dende aan apne baare galaan karan de.....nw if i wud have used some name like ram sham te kyn hindu nayi keh sakde vee kisse hindu da naam kyn lita....j main likhdee micheal, [peter something te christain kende sada kyn naam likheya te edaan hee muslim kende j ohna cho kisse da na rakh dendee.....naale rajasthani vee singh launde aa apne navaan rana pratap singh.....santa singh rajasthani nayi ho sakda....y do u think kee eh sari community layi likheya.....peli gall main te joke likheya nayi copy paste kita c....n i dnt c ne reason to make ne changes.....coz mere khayal naal it wasnt a mockery of sikhs at realigion can have a person who is a fool....a sikh can b a fool as well.....fer asi har gall te sade dharam baare edaan keha odaan keha kyn karde aan...whn in dis joke dis was not done at all......ehna galaan karke hee india, which is considered a largest secular state othe religion de naam te ene riots hunde aa.......grow up

baaki dis is wah i think......apnee apnee soch hundee aa......j kisse nu mada lageya te bhul chuk maaf
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