SanDisk unveils thumb-sized 64GB iSSD that weighs less than


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Flash memory maker SanDisk has unveiled a new 64GB solid state drive (SSD) that measures just 16mmx20mmx1.85mm, which is no bigger than a postage stamp. The company calls it an integrated SSD (or iSSD) as it’s small enough to be embedded on tiny printed circuit boards found in tablets, smartphones, and ultra-thin notebooks. It weighs less than a gram. Since SSD technology uses no moving parts and provides excellent responsiveness and durability, the new thumb-sized package could be theoretically soldered onto a hard drive’s circuit board for a convenient hybrid drive configuration. It supports SATA interface and claims sequential read and write speeds of up to 160MB/sec and 100MB/sec, respectively – “fast enough” to boot an operating system, SanDisk said.
The company hopes the new chip will enable way thinner and lighter tablet and notebook designs without any performance penalty.
SanDisk will offer the new iSDD module in capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB at prices “dependent upon the quantity ordered.”