SanDisk announces new G4 and P4 SSD


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SanDisk has introduced two new SSD lines at Computex 2010 this week. These are fourth generation solid-state drives meant to cater for desktop PCS, laptops, and ultra-thin devices.
The first new range of drives is called the SanDisk G4 SSD. It is meant as a replacement for desktop hard drives offering read speeds of 220MB/s and write speeds of 160MB/s. In terms of storage you get a choice of sizes between 64GB and 256GB. SanDisk is also promising 10 years of PC usage from the 256GB drive based on typical usage.
The second new drive selection is the SanDisk P4 SSD. The P4 is meant for ultra-slim devices and offers between 8GB and 128GB of storage. Read and write performance has not been specified yet. The selling point here is the size of the drive which measures 26.8 x 30 x 3.4 mm and offers support for the ultra-small mSATA mini form factor. SanDisk hopes the drive will find its way into netbooks, smartbooks, tablets, ultra-thin notebooks, and also printers and set-top boxes.
No pricing has been announced as SanDisk is currently shipping samples to OEMs for evaluation. High-volume shipping is expected by Q3 of 2010.