As it happened: Apple’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to cost Rs 1,29,000

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On Thursday Apple launched a new accessibility site along with the new Apple TV and the TV app. It is also expected to launch the next generation of MacBooks later,.
Here are the live updates:

11.52 PM: Tim signs off and shows an advertisement.

11.50 PM: Mac series from MacBook to 15-inch MBP goes from $1299 to $2399. In India, the starting price will be Rs 1,29,900 and will be available according to the global dates. The top end Mac will set you back by Rs 2,05,900.


11.43 PM: The Apple MacBook Pro will run latest macOS Sierra. It promises 10 hours of battery life.The cheapest 13-inch Pro has traditional function keys. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is thinner than the MacBook thinner (12% thinner and has 13% lesser volume). They both weigh 3 pounds.
Cheap model has 2.0GHz i5, mid 13-inch has 2.Ghz i5, and 15-inch MBP has 2.66GHz quad-core i7. Can order today, cheap MacBook starts shipping today, and everything else starts shipping in 2–3 weeks.


11.40 PM: Microsoft bringing new tools for Touch Bar. This will include comple Microsoft Office support along with Skype for Business. Other support options will include DJ Pro, video and photos editing software.


11.32 PM: Now its time for the Touch Bar to pass the DJ test. Apple is showing sampling and other tools.

11.28 PM: Bradee Evans from Adobe comes to stage to showcase Photoshop on the new MacBook Pro. She is showcasing the Touch Bar abilities too. She is showing off the new tools on the Touch Bar. She is cutting and pasting a photo. She is also showing cutting, blending and other tools.


11.22 PM: Susan Prescott, VP of product marketing for FCP on stage. The new Final Cut Pro will be the most powerful Vine editor yet along with Touch Bar abilities.

11.20 PM: Phil turns to display. It is 67% brighter and has 67% higher contrast ratio and has 25% more colour with better battery backup. The 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with the Intel Core i7 quad-core 2133 MhZ processor. It has Radeon Pro 14nm GPU with 4GB RAM. It has 3.1GBPS SSD hard drive upto 2TB support. The SSD is 50% faster. It has better sound. So gaming is 60% faster and video editing is 57% faster.


The 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with Intel core i5/i7 dual core processor. It will come with same SSD support. So gaming is 103% faster and 76% faster in tems of video editing.
Both the Macs will come with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and any of them can be plugged in as Power, Thunderbolt, USB, HDMI and much more.


Schiller is hyping an LG 5K display as the “ultimate docking station” for the MBP, which means Thunderbolt Display update stans are left to weep the tears of the abandoned yet again.

11.18 PM: Touch ID can be used to fast switch between user profiles on the new MacBook Pro.

11.14 PM: Touch Bar is also being showcased with the photos and videos app. It throws up editing or playing options. It acts on multi-touch. It also allows more powerful edits as well. The trackpad may be history soon. Filters are also seen on the Touch Bar. This is a new touch that will jolt Windows. Touch Bar can also be customised to include tools you like.

11.12 PM: The Touch Bar also can change controls for email. It also has quick reply options along with text colour options. The Touch Bar can also help replying to text messages. It also helps in suggesting emojis. It is super fast and is easy. A thumbs up or a heart is easy to put on. Looks more like scribble on Apple Watch. You can also move through tabs and get social media options as well for sharing.

11.09 PM: Touch ID, as gussed, is coming along with the Touch Bar. The ID is supported by the Apple T1 chip. This will allow users to use Apple Pay directly from the Mac.

11.08 PM: Apple’s OLED bar is called Touch Bar. It replaces the system functions. The Touch Bar adapts to the new software that the user is using. It introduces a new set of tools like search or new tab when you are in a browser. In a photo app, the touch bar transforms into a small toolbar along with Siri and system icons.

11.06 PM: Improved keyboard on the new MacBook Pro-- second generation butterply keyboard. As guessed the function keys are gone. It shows the OLED bar. Phil is super excited and is showing the old age IBM and the first keyboard with function keys.

11.04 PM: Phil comes to stage to talk about the new MacBook Pro. It has a whole new design. The OLED bar can be seen already. He says that it is the thinnest and the lightest Pro ever made. It is 14.9 mm thin. It is 23% smaller in volume. It weighs 3 pounds -- almost half a pound less than the last one.
The 15-inch Pro is 15.5 mm thin. It is 14% thinner and 20% smaller in volume. The trackpad is twice as big and comes with force touch technology. He says that it is the best trackpad that Apple ever made.

11.02 PM: Tim plays clip of MacBooks. It shows the changes of the MacBook in the last 25 years.

11.01 PM: Tim mentions how Apple pushed innovations in this category. He talks about better battery, display, design and ergonomics.

11:00 PM: Tim says that this is the 25th anniversary for Macs. In 1991, October 25, Apple introduced its first notebook.

10.59 PM: Tim starts about the MacBooks. Says Macs are very important to Apple and to the world. “It has such a huge impact on education, health and others...”. He also makes reference to MacOS Sierra and also the iCloud drive and mentions the cross copy paste feature across all Apple device. Cook also says that Mac now also has Siri now.

10. 57 PM: The TV also lets you watch live shows or channels. You can ask Siri to tune into any news channels. The TV app is free and will come to US late this year.

10.55 PM: Siri also works with the app. users can ask it play any show or movie in the library.

10.52 PM: Jin says it doesn’t end there. The app also allows users to choose stuff from curated playlists and watch shows directly. This feature is called Watch Now. It also has favourites and purchases along with a library view. Users can also buy new movies and scubscribe to different apps. The app also syncs to other devices.

10.51 PM: It will change how you watch TV, he says and calls on Jin to explain how TV will work. The app pulls in all the content from all the apps that you are subscribed to. It can start off from where you last stopped watching.

10.49 PM: Tim back on stage. Talks about Siri and how Apple wants users to have a unified TV experience. Tim announces a new app called TV.

10:47 PM: New kind of apps emerging on Apple TV. Ryan Troy from Twitter takes to stage to explain the new kind of apps. Troy showcases how sports watching can be fun with Twitter timeline which can show comments from sports stars, journalists’ updates and video replays. It also includes Periscopes.

10:45 PM: 8,000 apps on Apple TV, Over 2,000 games. Minecraft to come to Apple TV by the end of the year. Over 1,600 apps to enjoy in terms of TV shows, movies and TV programming. Apple TV to also offer live sports.

10.41 PM: Japan went live with Apple Pay. Important as the country has huge transaction numbers everyday. Apple watch is the best way to get around in Japan, Cook says. He also claims that Apple Watch highly recommended by reviewers. More to announce. Apple TV announcement begins.

10.40 PM: In just over a month nearly 60% of our customers are already on the iOS 10. Competition is nowhere. We shipped iOS10.1 with portrait mode. Customers have shared good feedback with great user testimonials.

10.35 PM: Tim says already 4 million memories have been enjoyed with the new iPhone 7 launch. Memories is a new feature which creates a new clip of photographs in your photos app.

10:34 PM: Tim talks about customary updates. He starts with the iPhone. He claims people are loving it. He is showing some pictures that people have taken with the latest smartphone.

10.33 PM: Tim says Apple is launching a new accesibility website. A website for phsyically challenged people. He wants them to change the world.

10:32 PM: Tim takes stage. Says Good morning. Welcome back to the Apple campus. “Thank you! I see some iPhones.” He is clad in his classic denims

10:31 PM: Apple clip hits screen just like every event. This is going to set the tone for the event. clip is showing Apple Watch and Mac software capibilities. It clearly says -- technology is for everyone.

10: 28 PM: Music playing at the Graham Bill Civic Auditorium. Announcement made to turn off or put devices on silent mode. Apple Macs to be unveiled shortly.


Called the best product ever produced by Apple, the MacBook Pro is set to get an update for the first time after 2013 when it was launched. Earlier, changes to the external design to the Pro was disregarded but new leaked images suggest that the MacBook is all set to get slimmer, get a new OLED bar instead of the function keyboard, add a fingerprint sensor or touch ID and shed USB ports for smaller USB Type-C ports.
Also, references within El Capitan’s code suggest a new machine could be in the works, which would enable the company to benefit from the last two years of processor advances. The chips could also go through a change and Apple might have to choose between Skylake and E5 V4 Broadwell chips.
Coming to the MacBook Air, there might be some bad news. Apple may be considering retiring the Air. Also, the Mac mini missed out on being updated in 2015 users can hope to see a 2016 update to the machine that is currently using Haswell processors.