Priyanka Chopra on presenting Oscar: Great to be counted among my peers

Miss Alone

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Her American television debut series Quantico seems to have put actor Priyanka Chopra’s career on an upswing in the west. The actor who won the Favourite Actress in a New TV series award at the People’s Choice Awards for the TV show, is ecstatic with the new announcement that will put her on the same stage as that of Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. It was announced that the actor would be presenting an award at the prestigious Academy Awards and her Twitter feed has been buzzing non-stop.
“I am definitely excited. There are such few presenters and to be able to share the same stage with them within six months of my being here, feels amazing. It’s great to be counted among my peers,” she speaks to us from Los Angeles as she is getting her hair and make-up done for her day’s shoot. She continues in the same breath, “The Academy Awards is the highest honour in America so I am excited to be a part of it.”


Quantico has opened a lot of doors for the actor in Hollywood but she believes that is true of any industry. “When I first started out in India, people slowly started liking my work. Similarly, I am glad that my work in Quantico is being appreciated and recognised. I do feel a lot has happened too soon but I am not overwhelmed with the entire thing because I am trained from one of the best industries in the world. It is not my first red carpet appearance or my first shot. I am experienced enough. But I am happy that everyone has been extremely welcoming towards me,” she says.


Has she decided what clothes she would be wearing to the ceremony? “Comfort is key”, pat comes the reply. “Everybody has been giving me advice and my Twitter feed is full of suggestions about what I should wear. I am sure my stylist has a lot of pressure but we have a whole bunch of clothes coming in from everywhere, including India. But, I am not someone who plans in advance. It is always about what mood I am in. I like being comfortable and I like to have fun with my clothes. I like to feel good in what I’m wearing but I don’t let anyone dictate what I should wear either.”