My new car- Imported from Japan Skyline R33


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when you gonna install it cause i might just buy that one cause its pretty cheap. let me know how it is after you install it.
i heard they are good thats why i bought it

they are Apexi ones

My chaser has Apexi- Pod filter kit so ya nice brand
ill fix it soon tomorow car is going for compliance


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ya apexi is a good company, one of these apexi ones just got sold a couple of weeks ago for only $20 it was used but in good condition. but i wasn't sure if i wanted one then


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i have a daewoo cielo in india.. and there is no way you can compare a cielo with a sports car.
Daewoo is a 1.5 litre inline 4 cylinder front wheel drive MPFi ( sedan)
and Skyline is 2.5 Litre turbo inline 6 cylinder rear wheel drive.(coupe)


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no problemo

Hi guys
I just reset my airbag indication
Because battery was removed which made that sign to blink all the time.

I found out you can reset it easily I'll post the thread how to


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Looks clean bro, love the 33 GTST S2, I most likely will get one in the near future, M-Spec though.

Type M u like?
I got this coz my friend in japan showed me this.. i said okay send me ahha i didnt realy need it. but now I already done some work on it. not making it high end sports but ya got a turbo timer, a sub and 6x9s and getting exhaust soon..
may be later on ill get GTR injectors, Intercooler and all that..