My new ride A Skyline again!


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So I have sold my Mitsubishi Magna , Sold my old Skyline 6 months ago and about 8 months ago I had sold my Toyota Chaser jzx 100 imports.

Than I decided that its not worth spending money on the saloons because I am not a guy that likes those sorta cars.

So I am settling myself with all time Tuner Favourite car , a Skyline ( you probably have seen similar one in Tokyo Drift when HAN does donut's around that chicks car)

Specs on this car:

Year: 1996
Make: Nissan
Model: Skyline
Chassis: ECR-33
Trim: Series II
Body Type: 2 door 4 seat Coupe
Engine: RB25DET , 2.5 Litre straight Six cylinder , Turbo charged (intercooled)
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual


-Haltech ECU
-High Flow Turbo
-Front Mount Intercooler
-HKS Sequential blow off valve
-Heavy Duty Clutch Kit
-Aftermarket Radiator Kit
-Cusco Fuel Catch Can
-3" Full Cat back exhaust with Jasma Muffler (Titanium Tip)
-Lowered on JDM Adjustable suspension
-Pod Filter intake (covered)
-Aftermarket Twin Spark , Spark plugs
-Premium Distributor Wiring kit
-Aftermarket Boost controller kit and Gauge
-Aftermarket REV Meter
-18" Dished Alloy wheels (235 Front/Rear)

Dyno Report has 240 RwKw @ 14Psi boost ~ 328 Horsepower on rear wheels
I will post the detailed review soon. I have to work on the car first to fix little things.

Do rate/comment :)



Codename 47
About time I added some pictures of my car :)

thats what it looks like now


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:ginni Boss !

well Under-Da-Hood sounds C:wah:wahL (though am not gettin much beyond _words:p ) ...but ma eyeballs still complaining...
Visual FunK ABSENT !

not sure even,if you love being this way-monotonous-silver...but your Skyline screaming for that:) ...some EXOTIC Treatment Pleaseee (reminder_Status: Single )


Codename 47
Thanks bruv

I like these sort of mods that you don't actually come in Ricer category

I never liked the body kits and all that pimp ride . My car looks decent from outside for a reason. I don't wana get pulled over by cops . Because if they did am in trouble :p

Side pose of my car

Its pretty lowered though , there is GAGAN on our forums here and (UNP's part) he got lowered S14 S2 240sx


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