Member's Garage


Codename 47
We have wonderful people on this forum and their sick rides. I have updated the board with User's garage and the link below their names will take you to their garage and you can see the cars they have.

Do not spam this thread thank you.

Gagan's Garage

Nissan 240SX


Rahul's Garage

Nissan Skyline R33

Intro thread

Mod thread

Toyota Chaser

Ford Falcon

2011 latest buy : Silver Nissan Skyline R33 GTST Series II 240rwkw


AK47_Riskyz's Garage

Dodge Caliber


Jeeta's Garage

Infiniti FX35


Radar2Radar Brarz's Garage

Holden Calais

Radar's new Ford Falcon XR6


Taran's Garage

Volks Wagon Polo


Singh-a-lion's Garage

Jeep Cherokee SRT 8
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Eh wale 4 aloys kine de milange indian rupees de hisab naal hor india che mil jange eh aloys.


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22 pehli gul...ah alloy vadey a bahut...kehri gaddi tey launey a india ch?.....

Naaley thread create karla nava fir dihney a saalah ...Ah thread nu garage walea da hi rehan do..ohna dey garage tey kabza na karo.