Microsoft launches Office Mobile 2010 for WinMo 6.5


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Microsoft launches Office Mobile 2010 for WinMo 6.5

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 today.

The release co-incides with today's Office 2010 launch. The new Office suite is made for Windows Mobile 6.5. A different version of Office Mobile will ship with Windows Phone 7 later this year. Currently live, the Office Mobile 2010 website features a quick video about the software, as well as a list of features available. To download the software (assuming you're running a phone with Windows Mobile), you can search for "Office Mobile 2010" in the Windows Marketplace.

Here are the highlighted features:

* Use gestures, such as clicks, drags, and taps to navigate around
* SharePoint Workspace Mobile, allowing you to take your work wherever you go
* PowerPoint Mobile's Presentation Companion, allowing you to use an external monitor to display slides, controlling them from the phone
* Ability to save files back to SharePoint Server, or email them to a contact
* Support for bullets, numbering, and font styles in Word and OneNote Mobile
* Cell formatting options in Excel Mobile
* Support for rich graphics, including SmartArt graphics
* OneNote Mobile
* Copy and paste across applications