In Pictures: Windows Mobile 7


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See the new Windows Phone 7 Series screens

Microsoft today unveiled its Windows Phone 7 Series at Mobile World Congress 2010.
Microsoft promises a "fresh approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences that bring to the surface the content people care about from the web and applications."
Take a look at the screenshots to see how Windows Phone 7 Series looks.

START SCREEN: The home screen, or Start, can be customised with "live tiles" that show web updates. For example, create a "live tile" of a friend and gain view of that person's latest pictures and posts

PEOPLE HUB: The People Hub lets you see photos and live feeds from social networks. It's also where you post to Facebook and Windows Live

PICTURES HUB: The Pictures Hub brings together photos from phone, PC and online albums into one view. Use this screen to share to social sites such as Facebook and Windows Live, and online albums that friends are sharing

OFFICE HUB: The Office Hub provides access to Office Mobile, SharePoint and OneNote

GAMES HUB: The Games Hub delivers what Microsoft is calling the "Xbox Live experience" on the phone

MUSIC AND VIDEO HUB: The Music + Video Hub is media central - from music to streaming radio to podcasts to video