iPhone install base now larger than Windows Mobile


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iPhone install base now larger than Windows Mobile

ComScore conducts monthly user surveys and have created a three-month average list ending in October. The list shows that for the first time this year Apple's iPhone OS has overtaken Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS for install base and active users.

Fierce Developer has the full stats but we've included a graphic below that illustrates the numbers. Although the numbers are from survey results they are likely to be more accurate than that of IDC which measures the number of devices that vendors ship and Gartner who measure the amount of devices sold at retail. If the numbers are accurate then it lends even more concern in the direction of Windows Mobile.

The latest we know about Windows Mobile 7 is that it's due late next year (officially). In September this year, Microsoft confirmed that the current team of 1,000 developers, working on Windows Mobile 7, are planning to feature social networks as a key element of Windows Mobile 7. Since September it has been quiet on the Windows Mobile 7 front. Microsoft officials confirmed they would talk about Windows Mobile 7 at the upcoming MIX 2010 conference in March next year. Microsoft also posted what appeared to be a concept UI for Windows Mobile 7 on the Office 2010 mobile site.

Microsoft lists CES 2010, Mobile World Congress 2010 and International CTIA Wireless 2010 as upcoming events for Windows Mobile. Maybe we'll see some of Windows Mobile 7 before MIX 2010. Fingers crossed.

Image Credit: WM Poweruser