JHATKA, the Sikh mode of killing an animal for food,

JHATKA, the Sikh mode of killing an animal for food, also stands for the meal of an animal or bird so killed. Derived, etymologically, from jhat, an adverb meaning instantly, immediately or at once, jhatka signifies a Jerk, snap, jolt or a swift blow. For Sikhs jhatka karna or jhatkaund means to slaughter the animal instantaneously, severing the head with a single stroke of any weapon or killing with gunshot or electrocution. The underlying idea is to kill the animal with the minimum of torture to it.Jhatka is opposed to kuttha that is meat of an animal slaughtered by a slow process in the Muslim way known as halal (lit. legal, legitimate, lawful).
Kuttha is a participle derived from the Punjabi verb kohna (lit. to torture). While slaughtering for food, a Muslim must incise the throat of the animal to the accompaniment of the exclamation of the kalima, the Islamic formula meaning "By the name of Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate." For jhatka, a Sikh while delivering the blow may utter Sat Sri Akal (lit. True is the Timeless Lord), which is both a Sikh war slogan and a salutation, but there is no idea of sacrifice or ritual involved in such utterance, and it is not mandatory either.Sikhism does not sanction sacrificial or ritual killing.
Historically, there is no positive injunction enforcing jhaika mode of slaughter laid down by the Gurus.However, Guru Gobind Singh, when manifesting the order of the Khalsa in 1699, enjoined upon Sikhs to abstain from kuttha or halal meal introduced by the Muslim ruling class. That many high ranking Hindus had succumbed to the practice of eating kuttha is evidenced from a verse of Guru Nanak`s in Asa Ki Var: "They eat kuitha of goats killed with the pronouncement of alien words, i.e. kalima, but do not allow anyone to enter their cooking square (to guard against pollution by touch)..."Instructions regarding jhatka mode of slaughter are contained in various Rahitndmas or codes of conduct for the Sikhs, and the Sikh chronicles written during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
They all affirm that Guru Gobind Singh made the taking of kuitha one of the four major kurahits, or violations of the Sikh code of conduct. However, two of these sources say positively: "Kill the male goal in the jhatka way if you want to eat, but do not ever look at any other type of meat" {Rahitnama of Bhai Desa Singh,), and "Slaughter male goats through jhalka and cat; do not go near carrion or kutthd" (Ratan Singh Bharigu, Prdchm Panth Prakash). Rahitnama of Bhai Desa Singh also enjoins the slaughtering to be carried out away from the kitchen.Traditionally, it is also to be away from a holy spot.
The mention of male goat in the chronicles is only illustrative and does not exclude oilier animals or birds the flesh of which the Sikhs usually cat. Not many Sikhs are habitually meatcaters. Their staple diet mainly consists of cereals, pulses, vegetables and milk products. Some of their sects even practise strict vegetarianism. The Sikh religion however neither recommends nor prohibits the eating of flesh.
During their own rule in Punjab, the Sikhs practised tolerance and never tried to enforce jhatka on their Muslim subjects. But during the British rule, the predominating Muslim community in western Punjab opposed jhatka.Even at government level, jhatka was not allowed in jails and Sikh detenues during the Akali movement and after had to resort to protests and agitations to secure this right. One of the terms in the settlement between the Akalis and the Muslim dominated Unionist government in the Punjab in 1942 was that the use of jhatka meat would be permissible in public institutions.

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A Hindu/Sikh Organization named Jhatka Org is fighting for JUSTICE TO JHATKA, it's official website jhatka.org explains the whole scenario.Mr. Ravi Ranjan Singh on behalf of the Organization has filed a Petition to Parliament of India, for proper display of Logo of Jhatka or Islamic Halal at every selling point and product.

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after all da discussions we had on dis topic before, i think this thread should not have come up here.
i request mods to kindly post a link to the previous thread on this topic n close dis thread.


^^ coz panth dont believe in killing an animal just to make sum god or goddess happy ..........sikhs dont practice any rituals ..they search for god within...!
(dont provide me any resources from rehatnama's or panth parkash suraj parkash nanak parkash....sikhs have one and only code of conduct that is sggs ....only those pharses from dasam granth are welcomed which are entittled with 10)


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menu te samj ne aundi koi kehnda gaa na kaho koi kehnda soor na kaho etc
jaan te iko jiki hunda sab ch :dunno:

murga ve kise maa da putt eh .. pigo ve and gaa ve kise di kudi eh :dono:

RAB IS VERY CHALAK SAB NU confuse karing :huh


i m also saying the same.......todays sikhism is badal's sikhism lol
y u disagree any way ...must be sum reason behind that
i follow sggs and thas it..gurbani ton shuru ho k gurbani te hi mukk jana


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I would say 'Jattan di Sikhism' as jatts are responsible for most of the distortion of Sikhism.

here are some of the rituals in Sikhism.

  • Amrit Shakna
  • Akhand Paath
  • Sehaj Paath
  • Dastarbandi
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hor bhi bahut sarre, par eh gall hor aa ke Sikh mande ne ki eh bhi ritual hunde :p


'Jattan di Sikhism' lol
Amrit Shakna : it is actually called "khande di pahul" ...bipran ne ethe v asar dikahea te "amrit" banna ta .....its same as u take plegde wenever u join sum army or police services ....khalsa is an army of god and its the pledge to be loyal to the army.its not to make any god happy or wutever
Akhand Paath:
it was started by the singhs who were hiding in the jungles ...due to safety reason they dont stay at one place for long time so the singh who was on duty as a security guard wld read gurbani while everyone else sleeps..hauli hauli bipran ne ee reeet banna ditti ..which is of no fun
Sehaj Paath
thrs nuthing bad in it.....its just like reading a book wenver u want
it more a tradition .....even non sikhs used to do that , but when mughals banned the wearing of turbans other than muslims only sikhs were left who followed it coz they opposed goverment
5 Sikh bethane
aa gal mae samjea nai k 5 singh bethane
if u mean by panj piayaras ... the constitution of khalsa is that panj piyaaras are the commanders in cheif of the army khalsa
its is almost same as sarpanch system today
i knoe we are degraded and very lil sikhi is left but still we have sggs so we can search for truth
jo prabh ko mil loch hae ...khoj shabad mein lae


yea sikhs shouldn't have any names .....cool.....!
i was talking abt rituals that are made to make god happy ....and u r talking about social rituals.......yaad rahe sikhs have their own constitution own way of living !!
but .....yeah i have a solution sikh babies should be named as a b c d
and dont miss a singh
a singh
b singh
but .....shit ...its still a ritual ...damn....!! sikhs dont perform any ritual to make god happy .....!
stupid sikhs
why dont they search god in stone .....bloody sepratists


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but .....shit ...its still a ritual ...damn....!! sikhs dont perform any ritual to make god happy .....!
stupid sikhs
why dont they search god in stone .....bloody sepratists

So Sikhs don't have any religious ritual ?