Indian actor Anupam Kher is in Dubai


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Dubai: Everybody loves a success story. But there's something vicariously delightful about listening to a failed one. Enter Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hi, Anupam Kher's one-man play.

To be staged in Dubai's Ductac this weekend, the Saraansh star would delve deep into his life and talk you through the curve-balls that came his way.

"It's an entertaining play that talks about failures in my life. It sounds negative but it's weirdly inspiring," said Kher in an interview with tabloid! prior to his shows on Friday and Saturday.

The self-made millionaire, who has acted in over 450 films and 100 plays, has led quite an eventful life. With the staging of Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai this weekend, it will be his 270th time that he has performed the same 130-minute play across the globe.

"One of the reasons behind its success is that every person, not just actors, can relate to what I am saying. It's a courageous piece of work. Also, on-stage there are no re-takes. That makes it exciting for me."