Anupam Kher won’t play Hitler


Prime VIP

A film on Hitler and that too with the title Dear Friend Hitler was bound to raise hackles, particularly in the pockets of Jewish community that lives in India. Over a week after it was announced that Anupam Kher will play the World War II monstrosity in a film to be directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, the 55-year-old actor has opted out of the project.

Reason? Protests from Jews.

“Sometimes human emotions are much more important than cinema. When I signed the film, I did not expect that it will make so many people unhappy,” Kher is quoted as saying by a news agency.

Kher added that he was not happy about the way ‘Dear Friend Hitler’ was being portrayed as a pro-Hitler movie and he preferred to opt out.

The movie stars Neha Dhupia as Hitler’s lover Eva Braun.