If I Had One Chance


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looking back on the many obstacles in life, some things i just didn't do right

in and out of trouble, that's how things went, that was my life

never holding on to anything, in fact, i thought my life was in tact

didn't seem as if anything was wrong, when one situation came i handled it

couldn't figure out why i had so many until that one night i heard my mom crying

she was praying for me, her son, and everything she was praying for didn't sound like me, until...

She spoke on one thing, in which took me back to one of the hardest times in my life

filled with strife, misery, pain and all out nothing to gain

respect wasn't worth it, worries in my mom's life just didn't fit

she continued, eyes filled with grief, her last pray, for god to turn me

mom is no more, and i sit in a place where electrical fences separate me from the outside world

if i could give anything to bring the one woman who truly loved me, back to a place where she is needed

my life i would lie down, and trade in so the world could see her smiling face again

t ware