one day we met. .*. Simply say. Its ma story. . .ash'haaz


Ik GumNaaM ShaYaR
1 day we met..
She said she loves me. . .
she said I'm the best part of her
life. . .
She said I'm the one who makes
her complete.. .
I believed her so much,. . I Loved
her so much,
. . . I kept my heart open for
her.. . .
After some time…
She said she cried a lot in
night,. . .
She said She missed me a lot,
she said that pain was sweet, She
said I should feel it too. . .
But,, I said don't want to,
Because I can't be away from
You... . .
Then one day...
She said She don't want to keep
from me . . . She said She hates
She said She never Loved me,
. . I said Please stop kidding and
scare me...
I asked her again and again but
replied mee... When everything
was fine,
When I did no mistake,
Why it all ended with dreads,
I guess I missed out something,
I guess I believed her truly,
I should have learned that, She
Never Loved me,
It was always Just me ..
Just mee. .
Bt now i m a strong person i will
never allow any1 to come closer
like you. .
. . N. . One thing more the
feelings i shared wid uh was not
fake. . . . I loved u i LOVE u. . N i
will forever. . . . See what u done
baby. . . The eyes where u lived . .
R shining so much . . Ol coz of
uh. .
Thanks for this lesson . . . I LOVE
you endless wala :*

Writter .. Unknown

Sukh chahal

Re: one day we met. .*. Simply say. Its ma story. . .ash'haa

we cn read out wrding of any creature...
cnt feel the hidden emotions behind it.


Ik GumNaaM ShaYaR
Re: one day we met. .*. Simply say. Its ma story. . .ash'haa

sukh@yep true. .bt kujh log samjh jande ne. . Jehde satt kha chuke hunde ne. . .