This Is What I Feel


Rampuriya !!
And wonder WHY!!!
And what other secrets lie beneath.
Your skin that is not visible to the naked eye.
I wonder, will they hurt me anymore than I already am?
Will they make me wanna let go
To where I can't feel your soft spring breeze touch
on the face of my skin?
Will they make me wanna turn my back on something?
I love you more than life itself.
Were did I go wrong,
What did I do to you to make you do something so horrible to me?
To hurt me so I can't trust my only one true love anymore.
I ask myself will I ever trust what she says to me... WILL I?
Were did I go wrong?
I sit on my roof every sunset now, no lie
And pray to god I will get over this in time.
She says she?s sorry,
She says it was never supposed to happen.
She promises never to hurt, cheat, or lie to me ever again.
But I believe this will all be in time.
Feel I will, in time, be able put it all behind.
But can I be man enough to put this behind?
It?s always going to be there in the back
of my mind, there?s no erasing time.
But one day it will be place in the back
Of my mind and that?s were it will stay.
I am sure it?s going to sneak up on me all in time
But that?s ok.
It?s not going to change my mind
On the one I love since the beginning of time.
But ones thing is for sure.
And one thing remains.