Greatest Lover


Rampuriya !!
When I face the same temptation over and again You could have become tired and fed up with me But you remained till all the victories were won You?re the greatest helper of all times When I made the same mistakes in countless ways You could have easily ignored my cry But you taught me how to watch and pray You?re the greatest teacher I?ve ever known When I encountered difficulties hard to change You could have sought reasons to escape But you stayed with me throughout my pains You?re the kindest lover I?ve ever met When I became disoriented and lost You could have refused to show me the light But you blessed me and opened my eyes You?re the sweetest guide my heart adores When I was naked and cold in the rain You could have shut the door and turned away But you sheltered me with wings of life You?re the best protector my life has known When I committed the most despicable sin You could have said you?ve had enough... But you chose not to forsake my plight You?re the nicest lover I?ve ever known When I was lost in the wilderness of life You could have chosen not to show me the way But you took the lead and cleared my path You?re the greatest lover of all times