Was it worth it?


Rampuriya !!
Was that kiss worth the loss of our love?
Did it mean that much to you?
Was it the excitement of new lips...
Did you tire of mine?
Was our passion gone?
Why would you desire someone in such a way?
Did you love me no more...
Then set me free...
Don't break my heart, just let me be
If the love was gone you should have said
Instead I have that memory forever in my head
I saw you kiss her, you can deny
I saw that look, in your eyes
I trusted you and gave you my heart
Instead of loving me you tore me apart...
What did she have that I do not?
I thought you loved me...I was wrong
All of these lessons in life have made me so strong
Honey I loved you wasn't that enough?
I wanted to forever be your "Stuff"
Some nights I lie in bed and I cry,
I just can't help but to wonder...why?
We'll find new loves I am sure
Hopefully you'll find the happiness you've been searching for
To this day I wonder...could it ever be?
Then I realize that kiss was too much for me to see
Honey I will always love you...I think you know
But in my heart I must go...
I know I was not perfect, I never claimed to be
You reminded me of this each and every day
It was not my fault you lusted someone else
I tried to make you happy...wasn't that enough?
When did it all end?
When did you stop being my lover and friend?
How could a stranger come between?
If you could feel the pain in my heart...you'd know what I mean
I see you again and again in my mind
touching her in a way you'd touch me...
and I ask myself will our memories ever set me free??