Fashion trends 2010 --> clutches

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Handbags are loved by women and it’s not a secret for anyone.. They love them as much as shoes or even more than that. Some ladies follow fashion trends when they choose a new bag, others just buy a bag that they feel will look great.....

Here we will speak about clutches. There isn’t a season when clutches were not presented in at least one designer collection.

They are always with us and this is quite explainable as we just cannot do without them when we go to a party or a special event. And in everyday life many women prefer clutches for their size and look....:joy

Clutches for 2010


2-----------> There are clutches which look chic and can be worn to a special occasion. They are encrusted with gemstones, embellished with sequins, made of luxurious materials and serve to complement your look with glamour and beauty.

3 ---------> Clutches are often made of reptile leather as it looks richly. Such bags are durable and come in classic designs, so you can keep and wear them for a long time.

4 -------> For those ladies who like to stand out and prefer bright outfits designers created plenty of bright and snazzy clutches. They can be bright in themselves or be patterned or decorated with bright details in vivid hues.

5 -------> Clutches with chain handles have been very popular for quite some time already. They are presented in lots of designer lines like Chanel, Mulberry Ava, Jaeger Bond and soon will certainly become classic as we constantly seen them at Catwalk.

6 ----------> There is a fabulous and feminine fashion trend of decorated with floral motifs clutches.