Returning fashion trends in india


Waheguru Waheguru
History repeats itself and it does the most in fashion. Fashion is ever evolving, the fashion industry has always had something new and exciting in store but a closer look will tell you that most of the new trends are basically the rehashed version of older fashion statement. Returning fashion is what makes the trends of today. To look good and different from the crowd is the trend and the best way to look different is to re-introduce a forgotten fashion in the colour of the new fashion sense.

Maintaining this rule here are the top returning fashion in Indian fashion industry -

1.Big Sunglasses Preity Zinta, Mallika Arora and many more are now sporting and thats what the fashion trend is at present. This is a returning fashion trend in Indian fashion industry and hails from 1970's. Zeenat Aman, Rekha, Sharmila Tagore were some of the top heroines of those days and with them the trend of big sunglasses was introduced. During 1970's the fashion industry of India was on the verge of taking up the western fashion sense and thus, the introduction of big sunglasses.

2.Big Bun – One of the top trend of 2011, is the bun hairstyle. Various different varieties and styles have been introduces. The big bun hairstyle is not only popular in India but also in US. The big bun hairstyle is the returning fashion trend of India from the 1960's. 1960's movies have witnessed the introduction of the big bun fashion by the actresses like Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nutan etc. The big bun went on to become a rage in the fashion industry and also became famous among the general crowd.

3.Tight Kurtis – Short kurtis with tight pants is the returning fashion statement form the 1950's. It was introduced by actresses like Mumtaz and Sadhana. In 2011 the fashion industry has renamed the fashion as short kurties with leggings. Leggings, which was the tight pants of yester years, are now a major fashion trend across the globe.

These three are the major returning fashion trend creating rage in 2011 in India and across the world. Talking of returning fashion, Indian movies have now taken up the retro sense to create a nostalgia of the past. Thus, we history remains the base of every new creation.