Don’t call me God: Rajinikanth


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His ardent fans may have built temples in his name, but south mega star Rajinikanth remains a humble soul who doesn’t like being referred to as a God.

So when he saw the promo of the Hindi film Khichdi - The Movie in which he’s being compared to the Divinity, Rajini wasn’t pleased and asked his assistant to inquire about the use of his name in the promos.

J D Majethia, the producer of Khichdi was contacted by Rajini’s assistant in this regard. The producer told the superstar’s assistant that Rajini’s name has been used not in a derogatory sense. He said that the characters in Khichdi are so dim-witted that they think that Rajinikanth is the real God.

Though the issue is not being pursued by Rajinikanth, he clearly doesn’t enjoy being called a ‘God’.

Well, it’s this humility that makes him a rage among the masses.